Postponements vs. Cancellations during COVID-19
Wedding planning on a good day is overwhelming, we can’t begin to imagine doing it with the
added layer of a global pandemic. The difficult decisions you will make over the next few
weeks, months and year will affect the day you spent so long planning. We feel you on that
As frustration sets in, we realize that there are a few options couples have; to postpone the
date or cancel altogether. We have broken down the differences between postponements and
cancellations and the top things to think about when deciding what to do about your wedding
In order to move the current date to a new one, we recommend starting with the following

  1. Check in with your wedding planner to confirm what dates they have available
  2. Contact your venue to confirm what dates they still have open in 2020 and 2021
  3. Talk to your important people and see what dates work best for them
    People such as immediate family and your bridal party
  4. Check with all other vendors, we recommend sending each vendor a questionnaire to get
    the full picture of their availability, we have included our version of this on the next page
    of this guide

Consider what season the new date falls within and ensure you make appropriate changes
and decisions on decor, florals, bridal dresses, food and other parts of the day with
seasonality in mind.

So you have come full circle and the idea of postponing the date is just not in the cards at this
time. The next best thing would be to cancel your nuptuals altogether. A few things to take
into account when making this tough decision are; vendor contracts and loss of deposits.
Most vendors will have fine print in their contracts for times like this. Some vendors may
charge a cancellation fee. This means if the couple cancels, they may have to remit a fee to
break the contract or alternatively the vendor may not return the inital deposit, resulting in loss
of the deposit. In some cases, venues may require you to sell the orginal contract.
Alternatively venues may wave the cancellation fee if authoritative figures deem large
gatherings banned.
We recommend that you contact all your vendors and get the full picture of how much money
will be lost upon cancelling and all of their terms and conditions to do so.